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Improve your brand identity and awareness

Work uniforms act as a roaming advertisement for your company. Whether it be from your staff walking the streets at lunch or commuting to and from work, the more your corporate identity is seen by the general public, the more your name sticks in their minds.

Brand awareness is key.

Customers trust uniforms

Indicative research suggests that customers are significantly more likely to trust you or an employee dressed in work uniform as opposed to regular clothing.

Not only this, research has also shown products sold by someone in uniform are perceived to be of a higher quality, which in turn could mean more profit.

Improve your staff's performance

Research suggests supplying appropriate workwear to employees (such as Sweatshirts or Polo Shirts) with your company logo can positively affect productivity.

A uniform can instill a sense of pride and responsibility in your company, and with this comes increased performance.

Save money

For employees, buying their own working outfits can be costly when considering a week’s worth of clothing.

Supplied work uniforms either provided or part subsidised can eliminate or alleviate this issue, as well as removing any worry about keeping up appearances with fellow staff.

Easily control what's worn

A common issue in the workplace is the appropriateness of employees’ attire. Without work uniforms, you will often find clothing deemed not smart enough, too revealing, etc., which can be a sensitive subject.

By having everyone dressed in supplied clothing, you ensure a consistent level of smartness within your company.